Ladies Suit Wholesale Market

February 18, 2018

Chandni Chowk Delhi

Chandni Chowk is Suit Wholesale Market for Ladies. Lal Qila is also near to this place. You can come here if you are planning to start business. You  a variety of  Suits from this market.

Chandni Chowk Delhi is one of the best and Oldest Wholesale Market. Specially for Unstiched Suit you can Visit. Nil Katra, Katra Sahenshai and so many Katra are here. Must visit some shop and compare the price.

There are so many old shop who manufacturer suits. Best and Cheapest market for suit is chandni chowk.

Sunday is holiday. the time to visit market is 10 a.m to 07 p.m. daily . When we talk about transport , almost all types of facility is available. Nearest Metro to this market is Lal Quila and Chadni Chowk Delhi.

Avoid Going through your own Vehicle . There is huge Problem of car parking. It is better to park your car in metro parking . Use Shopping on foot or take cycle rickshaw.

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